Your Ultimate Guide to Anti-braking Speed Cameras

Your Ultimate Guide to Anti-braking Speed Cameras

After successful trials across Spain, they've now introduced Anti-braking Speed Cameras across the Navarre region, which is North-west of Barcelona - but what are Anti-braking Speed Cameras and how do they differ from the traditional speed cameras?

As more information comes to light, we'll be updating this article to stay inline with the latest Anti-braking Speed Camera news.

What are Anti-braking Speed Cameras?

Anti-braking Speed Cameras are a twist on the 'Average Speed Cameras', or 'Average Speed Enforcement Systems'. Whilst your Average Speed Cameras measure your speed across a set distance and assess it against the time taken, the Anti braking Speed Cameras use 2 radars - 1 that sits before the fixed speed camera, and 1 radar that sits up to around a kilometre away. 

The dual radar approach is there to measure the rapid deceleration from braking before you reach the fixed speed camera, and the one located up to a kilometre away will then measure acceleration after the speed camera, to see if the driver then breaks the speed limit.

Why are Anti-braking Speed Cameras Being Implemented?

As driver behaviour is monitored and researched, traits and tricks are picked up and then used nationwide. As these tricks and traits gather popularity, the authorities click onto these methods, therefore figuring out ways to quench this behaviour - in this case, rapid deceleration before the speed camera and then accelerating after the speed camera. 

How can I Avoid Getting Caught by These Anti-braking Speed Cameras?

We always advise driving safely as the first port of call, but we're realists and understand that not everyone abides by the rules set. We will say that you should be drive carefully and responsibly, as well as making sure you're attentive to other drivers at all times. To assist in avoiding being caught out by these Anti-braking Speed Cameras, you can explore options such as Speed Camera Detectors, such as our very own Pure One Speed Camera Detector.

Are Anti-braking Speed Cameras Mobile?

As of right now, Anti-braking Speed Cameras are fixed-position cameras, with dual radars. In the future, as this technology advances, the Government may explore the option of developing a mobile version, although this is assumption as opposed to being factual. 

Do Anti-braking Speed Cameras Allow for 10% Leniency? 

Due to the nature of these Anti-braking Speed Cameras, with their dual radar approach measuring harsh braking & rapid acceleration, it's pretty safe to assume that there will not be huge amounts of leniency when it comes to measuring the change in behaviour before and after a speed camera - but for the actual speed camera we can safely assume that it will follow the normal procedures for leniency.