1 in 10 drivers caught speeding 100 metres after speed cameras

1 in 10 drivers caught speeding 100 metres after speed cameras

Did you know that almost one in ten drivers were found to be speeding, just 100 metres after passing a speed camera? A study by Churchill Motor Insurance found that a tenth of drivers were guilty (some more than others) of doing as much as nearly double the speed limit in 100 metres after the speed camera.

According to Churchill's study, around 13,500 cars passing through speed cameras in 30mph zones in London, Edinburgh and Cardiff, with more than 1,000 drivers were breaking the speed limit within seconds, with the highest speeds recorded after speed cameras in 30mph zones were:

  • 57mph in Cardiff (almost double the speed limit)
  • 50mph in London
  • and 47mph in Edinburgh

Nicholas Mantel, Head of Churchill Motor Insurance, quoted: “Analysing real driver behaviour across the UK it is clear many drivers are ignoring the speed limits except when they know there’s a risk of being caught.

The fear of getting points on their licence or a £100 fixed penalty notice seems to be a bigger influence on driving behaviour than the well-known safety risks of speeding.

While we know that a quarter of deadly crashes in the UK involves a speeding motorist, statistics like this don’t seem to be enough of a deterrent.

When we get behind the wheel it’s vital we remember that speed limits are there to help keep ourselves and others safe.”

Make yourself aware of your speed and avoid speeding fines

The minimum fine for those caught speeding is £100 and three points on your licence, although drivers initially may be offered a speed awareness course, usually costing £80 to £100 as an alternative.