Introducing LiquidTech

Trust in the quality of British craftsmanship with our premium car care essentials. Designed and manufactured to perfection in the UK.

Our most feature packed product yet.

The Pure One is filled with Road Safety features designed to help you get the most out of your journey. Alerting you to Fixed and Mobile Speed Cameras, Average Speed Cameras, Real Time Road Speed Changes, Road Closures, Bus Lane and Red Light Cameras and more. Keep informed on your journeys with the Road Angel Pure.

Over 2 million Road Angel Dash Cams on UK roads
Millions of miles covered


Market leading UK manufacturers of Dash Cams. Our award winning Halo range has a dash cam for every driver.


Award winning speed-awareness devices by RoadAngel helping you stay informed during your journey.


Upgrade your cars infotainment system with RoadAngel smart steroes. Apple Car Play & Android Auto enabled.


Hardwire your Halo or Pure device to benefit from always-on, low power consumption.

You're in Safe hands when you have a Road Angel