The Best Car Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Car Spotless

The Best Car Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Car Spotless

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Car cleaning. It's an art, right? Well, here at Road Angel we'd say so. Which is why we've devised a list of the best car cleaning hacks to show you the best way to clean a car. From the best car cleaning hacks through to the best-of-market car cleaning products - we're here to help you keep your pride and joy squeaky clean.

Best Car Cleaning Hacks

Let's start out with the best car cleaning hacks, as everyone loves affordable means of cleaning their car, right?

Magic Erasers: The Harry Potter of the cleaning world

Magic erasers are multi-use "gadgets" which can be purchased online for less than £1, if you look in right places. Magic erasers can be used for a variety of cleaning tasks including removing marks off walls, cleaning up shoes & footwear (really well too, might we add!) - but it's also great for cleaning marks off upholstery - including upholstery in your car.

Whether it's your seats, windows, trim or dashboard - we can pretty much guarantee the magic erasers will come in handy at some point!

Vacuum's are a car enthusiasts best friend

Making sure your pride and joy feels fresh and "airy" is vital, its the space where you need to concentrate, yet feel relaxed. A way of accomplishing this is ensuring you thoroughly clean your car with a vacuum - although one thing that we urge you to vacuum is your air vents!

Air vents are often overlooked when it comes to vacuuming, and if you truly knew what was buried deep - dust - you'd understand why sometimes you'll sneeze when your blowers are on! 

Ensure you thoroughly vacuum the entirety of the interior of your car, and you'll stop sneezing in no time!

Get rid of that headlight "plaque" with toothpaste!

You can avoid your car contracting "headlight gingivitis" by cleaning your plastic headlights - with toothpaste! 

The contents of toothpaste work as a "exfoliating" paste that slowly, but surely, removes the dirt, grime and any other unwanted substances on your headlights, due to the toothpaste having small abrasive particles, acting as a kind of "scrub".

Oil have what they're having!

If you have leather, vinyl or plastic in your car them they will eventually fall victim to those pesky UV rays, which will essentially sun-damage the interior of your car - causing the surfaces to dry, discolour and eventually, crack.

If you haven't got some UV protector spray and/or leather conditioner, then a great alternative is olive oil - for a quick fix. Olive oil adds a protective layer and helps bring surfaces back to life - but be careful, you only need a couple of drops for each area!

It's all about organisation, baby!

Let's face it, the vast majority of car boots look like everything that has ever entered the boot has been thrown in there - probably because it either has been thrown in there, or your car has thrown it around once you've been driving. 

Having a neatly organised boot is highly desirable, so investing in section separators would be a great idea to achieve this! 

You can clearly organise your car boot's contents, ensure no cross contamination (if kept organised) and you know where everything is - when you need it!

Wait a minute.. scratch that?

Washing you car in a safe way is important when it comes to keeping your car scratch-free. Using conventional sponges may cause damage, as they tend to pick up stones and other fragments - which will scratch the paint when scrubbing across the car.

If you use a microfibre cloth, you reduce the risk no end, as the stones and fragments will either drop off, or be deep within the microfibre cloth, meaning less risk of scratching your baby!

Let's not have a "woof" day!

If you've got a furry 4-legged (or less) friend, then you'll understand the frustration of accumulating pet hair - when lets face it - no one likes pet hair, and it is the bane of our existences!

Covering your rear seats can help tackle this problem, whether it's a dedicated plastic liner made for animals, or simply blankets tucked in tightly to ensure no hairs break free, we advise you do so.

Can you smell that?

Ensuring your car smells nice is important, more so if you have passengers! There's nothing worse than getting up on a Monday morning, in the wet, rainy conditions we're normally used to, jumping into our car to set off for work, and the first stench you receive when you get in your car is feet. 

Cleaning all the surfaces (especially the floor and floor mats!) and plugging in a diffuser will help you achieve a... better smell to be greeted with when you get in your car!

Time to slime!

Cleaning slime is all of the range right now. TikTok videos, reviews, how-to videos - cleaning slime is literally everywhere!

Get your own little Flubber and join the craze - you can put this little sucker anywhere and he'll absorb all dirt, crumbs and mess alike with ease! Price? Well, starting as little as £1, you can expect to keep your car cleaner for less with cleaning slime!

Well there you have it - the Best Car Cleaning Hacks we can offer

We hope you enjoyed reading our article: "The Best Car Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Car Spotless" and can take some insight away from this, using these methods and techniques for your own benefit, gain and financial savings.

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