Discover the Road Angel Halo Ultra: A Premium Dash Cam Choice

Discover the Road Angel Halo Ultra: A Premium Dash Cam Choice

Looking for a reliable and high-quality dash cam?

The Road Angel Halo Ultra might just be the perfect fit for you. Recently reviewed by Fast Car Magazine, this award-winning dash cam promises top-tier performance and impressive features at a competitive price. 

Key Features 

4K Resolution: The Halo Ultra captures crystal-clear footage in 4K 2160p at 30fps, ensuring that every detail on the road is recorded. Whether it's a license plate or a street sign, the high resolution guarantees sharp and clear images. 

Wide Field of View: With a 140-degree field of view, this dash cam covers a broad area, capturing more of the road and its surroundings. 

Advanced Features: The Halo Ultra isn't just a camera. It comes equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that include lane departure warnings and forward collision alerts. It also features a built-in GPS and a G-sensor to detect impacts, automatically saving crucial footage. 

Parking Mode: When hardwired, the Halo Ultra can monitor your car even when it’s parked, providing an extra layer of security. 

App Integration: The Road Angel app connects seamlessly with the dash cam via built-in 5GHz Wi-Fi. This app allows you to view, edit, and download footage directly to your smartphone, as well as live stream from the camera and receive notifications about any detected movement or activity. 

Installation and Usage 

Installing the Halo Ultra is straightforward, though it’s recommended to hardwire it for full functionality. For those preferring a simpler setup, powering through the 12V socket is also an option, though it limits some features like parking mode. The adhesive mount is strong but can be tricky to reposition, so take care when placing it. 


In daytime tests, the camera performed exceptionally well, thanks to the SONY IMX415 image sensor. Fast Car's review highlighted its ability to capture fine details accurately, making it a valuable tool in legal situations or for recreational recording. 

Award-Winning Recognition 

The Road Angel Halo Ultra isn’t just a good choice—it’s one of the highest-scoring dash cams according to Which? and has earned their prestigious Best Buy award. This accolade underscores its value and reliability, marking it as an excellent investment for anyone in need of a top-quality dash cam. 



The Road Angel Halo Ultra is a strong contender in the dash cam market, especially for those comfortable with using smartphone apps for managing their footage. While it lacks support for a rear camera, its front-facing capabilities and additional features make it a solid choice. 

For a more detailed look at the Road Angel Halo Ultra and to read the full review, head over to Fast Car Magazine  

Upgrade your car’s safety and recording capabilities with the Road Angel Halo Ultra – a dash cam that promises both quality and reliability.